Over 60 Life Insurance

Finding financial tools to help you manage retirement can seem difficult as you age, and many insurers put up barriers to access when you've passed the age of 60. However, options do exist for those seeking life insurance over 60, and at affordable rates that make the benefits of essential protection outweigh the cost.

The Final Expense Plan by Specialty Life offers guaranteed protection for Canadians over 60, and enrollment is guaranteed with no need for a medical exam. Get a Quote to learn more and get started!

What is Final Expense Plan?

Simple life insurance with guaranteed acceptance. Getting started is simple and easy!


Why do I need it?

Does life insurance work into your final needs plan? Find out why it matters.


Key Benefits

Guaranteed Acceptance

Under the Final Expense Plan: your acceptance is guaranteed! No waiting around for medical tests or follow up with an insurer. If you meet the age and residence eligibility (listed below), you're already qualified for coverage.

No medical, No questions

This plan is designed for individuals with past health issues or a history of difficulty getting insured. Even if other insurers have said you're too risky to insure, you're still eligible for the Final Expense Plan, with no tests or health questions needed.

Tax-free Benefits

Choose your beneficiaries and rest easy that not a dollar of coverage will go to waste on your behalf. Your family always has the assurance that all benefits under this plan are paid tax-free.

Instant Issue

When you sign up for the Final Expense Plan online, your policy will be instantly issued and emailed to you. Most insurance policies can take up to two months to be approved -- we'll issue your policy within the hour!

30-Day Review Period

If at any point, in the first 30 days, you feel the Final Expense Plan isn't for you, you can cancel with no obligation and receive a full refund of your premiums paid.

Coverage to Age 100

Make sure your coverage lasts as long as it needs to. Your policy cannot expire or be cancelled before Age 100 without your express consent, ensuring your family always has a plan to depend on.


There are only two requirements in order to qualify for protection under Specialty Life's Final Expense Insurance plan.


How the Policy is Paid 

Subject to the terms and conditions outlined under this policy, we will pay the death benefit if...


Policy Exclusions

The basic death benefit will not be paid under the following circumstances...


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